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About Us      

Bagel King Bakery produces over twenty (20) different types of bagels, all sizes of fresh homemade Danish, muffins, croissants, assorted pastries, specialty bread, and many other bakery products. Our manufacturing plant is located in Orlando, and we distribute throughout the Central Florida area. Bagel King Bakery has been serving Central Florida successfully since 1977.

The customers served by Bagel King are diverse and include colleges, convenience stores, hospitals, fine restaurants, hotels, Walt Disney World, and major resort areas. Bagel King's goal is to provide each of our customers with quality products, courteous service, prompt delivery, and competitive prices.

We strive to be a strong, reliable supplier to the trade while maintaining the personalized service our customers have come to know and expect over the years. We continue to grow and are grateful to our customers for making it all possible.

We look forward to doing business with your company in the future.


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